Thursday, June 23, 2011

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Spot gold remained quite in major markets of Mumbai, Ahmedabad and New Delhi Thursday on the back of dull buying. Silver continued to trade down on lack of demand and weakening global sentiment. 

Silver in Mumbai traded at Rs 55,106, in Delhi at Rs 54,700 and in Ahmedabad at Rs 54,390. (Prices in per kg).

Of profit selling in the crude oil is seeing. 1 per cent fall in international market, crude oil is trading with.

Naimaks slipped 1.28 per cent at present, crude oil is trading at 94.17 dollars a barrel. While yesterday's trading, crude oil with 1.32 per cent at 95.41 dollars a barrel was closed.

Federal Reserve decision on interest rates to changes in crude oil had good support. It also happened in the U.S. crude oil stocks had moved up.

U.S. economy grew due to concerns about weakness in gold and silver is seen. Comaks the gold and silver are traded on the decline.

August gold futures on the sense of Comaks Ludhkkr half per cent to $ 1546.3 per ounce is trading at. To $ 1553.4 per ounce of gold at the last level Comaks was closed.

July silver futures on Comaks around 1 per cent of the price of $ 36.45 per ounce level is Ludhkkr. In yesterday's trading at $ 36.74 per ounce of silver at 1 per cent was closed.

Today's sharp decline in copper prices, copper on the LME, with nearly 1 per cent has come down to $ 9000 per tonne. The Shanghai
Metal Exchange are trading at in the fall. Demand in the U.S. and Europe due to projected decreases in copper prices remained under pressure.

Decline in crude oil today. MCX crude oil prices are Fislen 1 per cent. Crude oil in international market because of weak business has been turned on. Naimaks 1.5 per cent on the crude oil is broken.

Tips provided to investors –
Crude oil: Sell -4300-4320, stoploss -4380, -4180 Target
Gold: Sell -22 800, -22 850 stoploss, target -22 650
Silver: Sell -54 900, -54 800 stoploss, target -53 000


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