Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Free Mcx NCDEX TIps

Comeks decline in both gold and silver is looking at. That's 0.33 per cent to $ 6.2 Comeks gold at the moment for $ 1853.10 per ounce level fall has arrived. The silver light down on Comeks 42.15 dollars per ounce is trading at.

Crude oil has gone up strongly today. American reserves of crude oil prices to the low estimate has been strengthened.

On MCX, crude oil, crude has jumped nearly 2 per cent. Naimaks the crude oil is 86 dollars a barrel level. However, experts believe a rise in crude oil is not sustainable.

Gold has come down from record levels. Gold on MCX is trading below Rs 28,000. Comaks 1,880 dollars per ounce on the gold price remains.

Gold today has managed to reach the very top. On MCX, gold prices have risen to record levels of 28 284. Comaks also remains at record levels of gold at $ 1931.
Crude oil is also being traded on edge today. On MCX, crude oil gained nearly 2 percent, is trading at Rs 3897. Naimaks 85 dollars per barrel on crude oil has been exceeded.
Investors' comments -
Gold: -27 800 -28 000 stoploss Buy, Target -28 400
Silver: Buy at current levels, stoploss -64 800, -67 000 goals
Crude oil (September futures): -3 840 -3 770 stoploss Buy, Target -3 950
Copper: Buy at current levels, stoploss -397, -406-408 goal
Gwarseed: -4490 -4460-4470 stoploss Buy, Target -4 400