Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mcx India Tips

Currently, Domestic commodities markets are trading with positive note. All the indexes at Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) are showing upward trend. At MCX futures, MCXCOMDEX is trading at 3,548.15 (up by 0.42%), MCXENERGY is trading at 3,341.14 (up by 0.66%), MCXMETAL is trading at 4,514.72 (up by 0.30%), and MCXAGRI is trading at 2,738.63 (up by 0.22%). (At 11:25 AM today).

At NCDEX, the Dhaanya, an agri commodity index, is currently trading at 1,141.04, up by 0.49% (At 11:23 AM today).

On the domestic front, cardamom futures are trading with positive note due to firming trend in the spot market. April future surged as much as 0.61% to Rs. 1,103.40 per kg on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) as speculators are taking fresh position due to pick-up in spot demand. Moreover, restricted arrivals from the major producing region also kept the prices in positive zone.

At Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), cardamom future for April contract is trading at Rs. 1,107.00 per kg, up by 0.94%, after opening at Rs. 1,098.10 against the previous close price of Rs. 1,096.70. It touched the intra-day high of Rs. 1,107.50 per kg till the trading. (At 11:22 AM today).

The top gainers at MCX are Natural gas for March contract (2.60%), Natural gas for April contract (2.53%), Natural gas for May contract (2.21%), Refined soya oil for May contract (2.10%) and Cardamom for April contract (0.94%). (At 11:20 AM today).

The top losers at MCX are Potato TRWR for May contract (-2.13%), Potato TRWR for June contract (-1.93%), Potato TRWR for April contract (-1.66%), Potato for June contract (-1.58%) and Potato for May contract (-1.37%). (At 11:18 AM today).

The top gainers at NCDEX are Coriander for June contract (2.7%), Chilli for June contract (1.9%), Chilli for July contract (1.7%), Castor seed for July contract (1.6%) and Coriander for May contract (1.5%). (At 11:16 AM today).

The top losers at NCDEX are Potato for August contract (-2.2%), Gur for September contract (-0.4%), Gur for July contract (-0.4%), Potato for July contract (-0.4%) and Potato for September contract (-0.4%). (At 11:14 AM today).

Precious metals are trading with steady note in the domestic market as investors worried about turmoil in North Africa and Middle East, and nuclear crisis in Japan that spurred the demand for the yellow metal as a protection of wealth. However, concern about debt crisis in European nations also helped gold prices reach an all time high of $1,448.60 per ounce this week.

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